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A Nanotechnology process Company


Applied Cavitation, Inc. (ACI) is a product development company with an expertise in nanomaterials located in Santa Barbara, California.

ACI is dedicated to unlocking and harnessing the true potential of nanomaterials. Using ACI's patented technology, our scientists can create new, more effective formulations that improve the properties of materials and, as a result, the performance of the products those materials are used to create.  

ACI develops products for industries including:

  • 3D printing
  • printed and flexible electronics
  • semiconductor packaging
  • biotechnology
  • aerospace
  • technical ceramics
  • and many more.


At ACI, our mission is to help chemical and materials companies continue developing their next-generation products and contribute to the creation of new, innovative, life-changing technologies throughout the United States and across the world. ACI's extensive formulation expertise, along with our ability to effectively process and disperse (thoroughly mix) nanomaterials, enables the creation of products with dramatically enhanced performance. ACI's value proposition includes materials with improved functional performance, reduced development costs, and more consistent quality.

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